Reseller Info

This page will give some basic info and try to answer the most frequently asked questions about becoming a reseller. Your job as a reseller would be to get customers signed up and provide them support when they need help. Im also available to assist you with support as needed.

How do I get started? There is a minimum first credit purchase of 10 credits. This is to help weed out those not serious or looking to just get their own service cheaper. You would simply pay me ( contact for prices) and that would get you your own “panel” ( which is the backend that is used to create customers accounts and extend their service ) and fund it with  credits. I take payments payments via Zelle, Cash App, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Facebook Pay, Venmo, Credit/Debit card, or paypal. All subsequent purchases of credits will be a minumim of 10 to be purchased at a time.

What is a credit? Credits are what is used to pay for peoples service in your panel. One credit is worth one months worth of service. Contact me for pricing.

How much money can I make? You can sell the service under your “brand” for however much you choose. Your total income would be based on how many subscribers you have and continue to renew their service each month. I have several resellers who make more than $1,000 a week. The sky is truly the limit.

How do I sell the service? Your friends and family would be great to start with and you can post in buy/sell/trade groups on facebook, craigslist, put up flyers around town, have a website and drive traffic to it, post youtube videos, almost anything. I will also help you set up facebook ads. You can spent as little as $1 a day to run ads on facebook.

Do you offer support to resellers? Yes. Im here to help you succeed. I can also get you a website similar to mine ( at an additional cost )

Can I at least give myself service? We dont want people signing up to be a reseller just so they can get their own service cheaper. So initially, you still have to pay for service through us.

Most resellers create their own brand so there is an unbranded “generic” app available to use so there is no mention of any other services.

To get started send me a email or a text message 4434806649.