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Live Tv

MaxTV23 has Over 3000 Live Channnels including 24/7 channels. MaxViewTV Has 1500+ Channels. Both have Local channels, cable network channels, sports networks, ppv events, adult channels, music channels, international channels, and more!

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Both packages offer premium movie channels. Both packages offer movies on demand. MaxTV23 cycles in different ones and keeps about 100 on demand while MaxViewTV has 5000+ on demand

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Tv Shows

If you like to catch on your favorite shows than MaxViewTv is for you. Its loaded with TV shows on demand

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EPG Guide

Just like the major cable and satellite companies use. Our guide will let you know what shows are on the channels or coming up in the near future.

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How Does It Work?

What Do You Need?

MaxTV23 is an iptv service which stands for internet protocol television. Basically thats just a fancy way of saying the shows are streamed over the internet. You will need a high speed internet connection and a device for it to work.

The best way to watch is through the actual app. The app can be installed on any android box, firetv, firestick and android cellphones. You can also watch through a browser webplayer which lets you view on computers, laptops, tablets and even the xbox one and PS4.

Check out our video page for tutorials to help you get everything up and running. Join the facebook group for even more up to date info.

Do we have your favorite channels? Probably but have a look for your self. Click the 3 lines at the top to see all the categories.

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